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Oracle Partnership

ASL COM is an Oracle Partner company that is primarily orientated towards complete technological turnkey solutions implementation. We also offer consulting services for the latest Oracle technologies. Our area of expertise spreads over few different fields, namely:

Why Oracle SOA and BPEL?

It is a well known fact that most of the mid to large size companies own at least few types of legacy software systems. Data merging and comparison, cross referencing as well as BI, has proven to be cumbersome and expensive task. Oracle SOA Suite 11g and its modules are capable of merging those software legacy systems by means of linking their parts, and displaying them as a web services assembly. With Oracle BPEL Process Manager and JDeveloper 11g, the development of business process which orchestrates web services is easy and flawless. It executes fast and easy integration of the existing software systems into a cluster of strictly defined business processes, which are easy to manage and to follow their execution.

Implementation Example:

ASL COM has got the request from its client to develop an implementation prototype of the business process which required a solution for annual leave request approval.

pm Situation existing in the client's company at the point of our arrival:

There is HR software legacy system which keeps their entire employee's data, together with the number of annual leave days they are entitled to. The company owns file storage, where all relevant documents are kept in electronic format. They are stored in a clearly defined structure, and with the strict storage rights assigned. There is a group of business rules that govern annual leave approval. Filling out the annual leave form outside those rules automatically triggers the rejection (e.g. employee requested number of days that exceeds whatever was given to him in his contract, or newly employed person wants to go for a holyday before his 6 months probation is expired...)

The client's request:

We are requested to make a prototype of the application with the following attributes:

  • To enable our client's employees to log in, and submit the annual leave request,
  • To have a clear definition of a business process,
  • The automatic predefined approval and rejection rules that already existed in their HR system (Oracle DB Adapter) had to be integrated,
  • The human decision (Oracle Human Workflow) i.e. the appropriate manager approval had to be in place,
  • Generating a set of application documents in pdf format, as well as approval or rejection documents,
  • Email notification to all the participants in the process (BPEL Email Notification Service module),
  • Saving the files generated on the file storage (Oracle File Adapter).
We used the latest Oracle technologies and products for the implementation of this solution (Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle JDeveloper 11g, Oracle BPM Worklist Application, Oracle Database Adapter, Oracle File Adapter).

presentation You can view the presentation in pdf format about implementation of this solution here.

pm Advantages of this type of solution:

  • Easy integration of existing software systems that company already owns.
  • Strictly controlled and designed business process.
  • Overview of the business process execution and its progress at each step (e.g. it is possible for the manager to check if the person who is responsible for annual leave requests approvals did his job in timely manner).